Savistine Agribusiness

Advancing sustainable agricultural practices, promoting agribusiness, and actively engaging in climate action initiatives


Since our establishment, we’ve been committed to advancing sustainable agricultural practices, promoting agribusiness, and actively engaging in climate action initiatives. We have managed to empower nearly 50,000 smallholder farmers in various counties, with a special emphasis on youth and women.

wehave pioneered impactful programs, including

  1. Annual Farmers Exchange
  2. Kakamega Agri Expo
  3. Vihiga Farmers Fair
  4. Family Expo & Tree Planting Fair
  5. Conference on Africa’s Agricultural Productivity

Annual Farmers Exchange Project

we engage farmer group leaders from across the country in experiential farming workshop. The aim of Farmers Exchange is to build that capacity of the Farmer group leaders, who will go back to their groups and share the knowledge with their group members for improved agricultural practices at scale.

Demo plots

Seed companies grow their crops and farmers get to learn from the live demonstration farms on topics such as soils, seed germination, fertilizer application and pest control among many other topics.

Animal/ Livestock / Apicture Unit

Farmers get to observe and learn from experts in the Apiculture and Livestock sector for better results

Exhibition Arena

Farmers interact with product and service providers in the sector, for in-depth understanding of how those products and services can help them improve their yield

Capacity building Institute

Farmers are trained on various topics to increase the human capital in the sector. Currently, our topics range from Sustainable Farming, Climate Adaptation and Livelihoods.

Unwavering Commitment

Savistine Agribusiness remains unwavering in its commitment to fostering sustainable agriculture, driving agribusiness innovation, and championing climate action initiatives. We eagerly anticipate the continued expansion of our impact, reaching new horizons, and making lasting contributions to the prosperity of smallholder farmers across diverse communities

Climate Action for Thriving Communities

Our holistic approach aims to bridge the traditional-modern divide, providing essential resources while fostering an environment where farmers can earn a decent livelihood from their work, and thrive amidst evolving agricultural landscapes. With a keen eye on climate action, we actively promote practices contributing to environmental sustainability and resilience in the face of climate challenges


Building Partnerships, Creating Impact

Our commitment to excellence has forged partnerships with reputable brands and organizations. As well as collaborations with county governments, to successfully implemented diverse projects across Makueni, Embu, Kakamega, Vihiga, Kitale, Kitui, Migori and beyond.

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